The Negotiator Guys found me 5 days before my court date. They negotiated an extra $28,500.00 with the settlement company I was signed up with. I didn't lose my court date. I didn't switch factoring settlement companies. I will never do another transaction without having them review my deal.

~Stacey -Montgomery, AL

The factoring settlement company I was working with CONVINCED me I was getting the most money possible for my payments and I believed them, until I was contacted and educated by The Negotiator Guys. I received over $120,000.00 more than the original offer I had, 2 weeks before court. This was life changing!

~ Reggie -Bloomington, IN

I was very skeptical talking with anyone about my transfer. There were so many calls and letters from companies that were trying to convince me to switch purchasing companies.  My problem was that I was in a rush and didn’t have time to change companies. The Negotiator Guys were fantastic. At first I thought it was another trick by another purchasing company.  TNG were different.  They did actually help me. They didn’t convince me to change companies. They weren’t looking to “steal my deal” from someone else.  All they wanted was to make sure my deal was good.  When I told them my payments, they told me if I trusted them and if we worked together, I could get my offer increased about $15,000.00.  Plus, I would still go to court in 3 days with the company I was with.  My offer ended up going up another $16,500.00.  They made a little money but I paid them personally after I got approved, and it came out of the money they helped me negotiate.  It was basically free money to me at that point.  It was refreshing because these deals are stressful and you just never knew before if the deal was good or bad.  The Judges don’t really know either, which I never thought about previously. TNG gave me the peace of mind I’d been looking for.  I wish they existed when I did all my other deals.  They are changing the game.  Call them.

~ Aaliyah - Atlanta, GA

This company is exactly what the Factoring Structured Settlement Industry needs. They helped me get double the amount of money I was originally signed up for. It's time for Factoring Settlement Companies to STOP cashing in and taking advantage of people who went through a tragedy to receive their annuity. TNG's have my full support!

~Megan -Carlsbad, CA

After receiving so many phone calls from companies and people trying to interfere with my transaction, I was hesitate to trust TNG but I am sure glad I did! Their only goal was to GET ME MORE MONEY. I was able to stick with the company I was working with, keep my court date, and received an additional $87,500.00 more than my original deal. After years of getting burned, I feel like I won, finally.

~Brian -  Milford, CT

I’m so grateful to The Negotiator Guys.  My son was going through the process of selling payments for the first time at the age of 18 years old. We didn’t know what could happen. My son's father passed away when he was 9 years old and this settlement was suppose to last his whole life. The purchasing company that we trusted had convinced my son and me that it was a good idea to sell his whole policy off and invest with a financial adviser. They even flew here to meet us in person and take us to the adviser. They took my son shopping. They helped him get ready for court.  They were new friends.  Everything sounded really good, but it was all bad.  After receiving a voicemail, my son and I called TNG. We had them speak with the financial adviser also since the financial adviser are the only ones licensed to give us financial advice.  The Negotiator Guys were fantastic.  They didn’t try convincing us of anything.  My adviser was shocked to learn what was happening because the purchasing company didn’t tell him to whole story, including that my son was about to be short changed for over $350,000.00.  Ultimately, my son decided not to cash out the whole policy and we canceled with the purchasing company.  My son did end up cashing out a little money, but he refused to work with the first purchasing company because they were knowingly short changing him $350,000.00!!  The Negotiator Guys helped us shop around and my son got a deal done that made real sense, and still worked with his financial advisor at his bank.  The Negotiator  Guys changed my sons life for the better and I have never been so thankful to any company.

~ Michelle- Fort Meyers, FL

My offer went from $13,000.00 to $28,000.00 the day before I was supposed to go to court.  When I went to court the next day, the Judge was very pleased to see my offer increase even though it was more money then I needed. He told me that he trusted my judgement because I negotiated and made good decisions before court.  I got approved.  Thank you so much to The Negotiator Guys!!!  I was happy to pay them and had a lot of extra money to put in my savings.”

~ Suzanna - Salt Lake City, UT

This is the best company ever!  I’m so relieved and very happy I trusted TNG. They were the first truly honest company to ever speak to me about selling my structured settlement payments.  If it weren’t for them, I wouldn’t have received an extra $21,500.00 before my court date.  I hope I never have to sell payments again but if I do, I will be calling TNG to help me before choosing a purchasing company.

~ Donald - Red Lodge, MT

I got denied 2 times by the same Judge because she didn’t like the financial terms and thought I was making a bad decision.  The 3rd time, I didn’t switch purchasing companies and was approved by the same Judge.  The only reason the she approved me was because my offer went up $42,200.00, thanks to The Negotiator Guys.   Looking back, I am glad I got denied the first 2 times and told the Judge the same thing.  No matter what you’re told by any purchasing company, talk to TNG if you are transferring payments.  I told them they could share my case information and I’ll take calls from anyone who wants to talk.  This is real money that people are getting screwed out of.  That $42,200.00 extra went a long way for my family.

~ Rick - Flagstaff, AZ

I’d developed a friendship with the sales rep and purchasing company that I was signed up with.  They gave me cash advances, helped me with bills, and I thought everything was perfectly fine. They even gave me a new cell phone to “keep away the phone calls and not mess up anything.”  I thought everything was cool. My offer was $150,000.00 even though my sales rep told me he was “working on it” to get the offer even higher. And he told me that the more I got, the more he made, so I trusted him.  Court was one week away. I received a brochure in TNG and it took me about a week to call because I was hesitant and I liked my sales rep from my purchasing company. He told me don’t talk to anyone. Luckily I did. After signing up with TNG, we made one phone call to my sales rep/“friend”.  After a 30 minute conversation, TNG helped me get my offer raised to $198,000.00 and I went to court a week later.  The Judge told me he was not going to approve the deal but after seeing the offer increase, he was very proud of me. I got approved!  TNG did everything they promised and then some, including making sure I got all of the money after court and didn’t get taken advantage of. Trusting them got me $48,000.00 extra, a week before court.  It was the best decision I ever made.

~ Joseph - New York, NY