The Negotiator Guys® offer a unique value proposition to structured settlement annuitants.  We’re annuitant advocates who level the playing field. We help you negotiate and aim to ensure you receive the greatest amount of money possible if you choose to sell  your structured settlement payments. The Negotiator Guys was created as the antidote to the annuitant manipulation, massive profits, and in some cases illegal methods used within the structured settlement purchasing industry at the expense of annuitants.  Put our extensive industry knowledge and experience to work for you. We do not purchase payments and we do not complete transfers with annuitants, which helps protect you from the grooming process and conflicts of interest inherent with relying on sales representatives of originators.


After several years working in the Factoring Structured Settlement Industry, and witnessing just how badly sellers were getting short-changed, we realized there was a major need for a reliable resource that would protect the best interest of annuitants, first! A company was needed to ensure sellers/annuitants get what they deserve, which is to be treated fairly, to be respected, and to be given the highest amount possible when cashing out structured settlement payments. This is why we created, The Negotiator Guys!


Our team has the expertise, knowledge, and available resources  to finally provide the truth to the people who need it the most.

Our Mission


Our mission at The Negotiator Guys® is to improve the experience of seller/annuitants and ensure every seller/annuitant transferring payments to a structured settlement buyer does not get short-changed. To make this happen, we are actively reaching out to Courts/Judges, Attorney's/IPA's, State Legislators, and Insurance Companies offering support and systems that are pushing our mission forward. We are solving the need for a reliable resource within the Structured Settlement purchasing industry. We strive to eliminate exploitation of consumers and protect their right to a fair structured settlement transfer.