Our Message for Judges and the Courts

As I am sure you are aware, there are major problems within the industry of purchasing Structured Settlement payments by factoring companies.  My partner and I have witnessed the massive profits, manipulative tactics, and in some cases illegal methods used within the Structured Settlement purchasing industry at the expense of those previously injured throughout the United States.  We have solutions that can eliminate it for good, finally, while also bringing a higher sense of certainty to Judges who are approving/denying these cases.

Due to the years of shady activities within the structured settlement purchasing industry, the pressure to approve or deny a deal has greatly increased for judges in most states. There have been some cases where Judges have even been sued due to approving transfers where the policy holders were extremely short-changed and taken advantage of by the settlement company.


You don’t need us to tell you, the primary role in these cases is to make sure the transaction is in the best interest of the seller relating to use of the funds, competency, prior records/deals, interest rate etc. BUT there is no way for you to know, from a numbers standpoint, if the transaction is in the best interest UNLESS there is industry knowledge, without knowing to who/how the annuities are sold, without having the calculation systems, and many other factors that go into pricing a fair deal.


Understand, we are not saying that we are qualified to decide whether or not the final order be Approved or Denied, because that is clearly the role of the Judge assigned to the case within the judicial process. We don't even recommend that policy holders sell/transfer payments, however it is going to happen. With that said, we can ensure that policy holders always receive maximum value when pursuing a payment transfer.


We need your help.  Many policy holders are afraid to ask for help due to the general fear of getting approved/denied in a court room before a Judge, other scare tactics, relentless efforts, and coaching efforts taking place in many instances.  Many of these individuals gain a false sense of security and/or do not understand the process they are going through regarding what is generally the most important part to them, their offer. 


We would love to share our solutions and assist you in making sure your court is always working with all the facts available in order to feel fully confident in your decision.  These solutions are adaptable depending on your practices/county/state.  Those solutions include Judges being able to conduct a full negotiation right at the court hearing. 


We are certain that we can provide the necessary knowledge for you with regards to the financial terms of the deal/offer, better than any source available to you previously. 

Please contact us to implement solutions in your county.

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