Our Messege for Insurance Companies

Unfortunately, most insurance companies stay impartial during the transfer of structured settlement payments sales between their client and factoring/purchasing company.  The insurance companies that do make an effort to help protect their clients are not pro-active enough in order to compete with the tactics/relentless efforts of purchasing companies.


We understand that these transactions are not something insurance companies are interested in promoting and we understand why. 

Having an affiliation with The Negotiator Guys would lessen insurance company’s paperwork, shorten the processing time in many cases, and save your staff time. No more switching of companies, no more excess paperwork, no more unfair transfers.


You will understand how the back end of these transactions really work and no longer have clients being exploited during this process.  We can work with you from a consultative level or an affiliate relationship, and we can work together in order to put in place an internal system that is truly protecting your clients. 


The solutions are actually very easy for you to implement and the amount of routes to take are numerous.  No other entity in this process has the power, reach, and ability to help individuals with structured settlements more than their insurance company.   

Please contact us to implement Structured Settlement Purchasing Department solutions.

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