Our Message for Attorney's/IPA's

We believe in the IPA process of many state/courts during the process of transferring structured settlements.  We can serve an equally important need by ensuring that the annuitant gets maximum value for the payments/dates they are selling.  We have worked with plenty of attorneys over the last 6 months to ensure that the financial terms are where they should be. 


The main issue is that most lawyers are only geared to make sure the seller understands the terms, legal jargon of the transaction, and is competent. Most attorney's rarely/if ever negotiate a better deal due to a lack of understanding of the rates, numbers, and manipulative tactics that can be used by purchasing companies. 


There are major flaws with this process also.  In almost all cases, the IPA is an attorney “suggested” by the factoring companies.  Rarely is this process as “independent” as intended.

We can help educate you on this and help you feel fully confident in your signature of approval.

Please contact us to implement state-wide solutions.

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