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How We Help You

The Negotiator Guys will review your current deal to ensure you are getting the highest purchase price.  In most cases, there is a lot of room to Negotiate, which we will do for you with the current company you’re signed up with.  

Our unique set of tools and extensive industry knowledge will help get you the maximum amount in every transaction.

The Negotiator Guys are the first and only company to ever TRULY work on behalf of individuals selling their structured settlement payments. 

Purchasing/Factoring companies have relentlessly preyed and massively profited for years at the expense of individuals receiving structured settlements. The Negotiator Guys want to end the lies, manipulation, deception, and harassment that exists within the industry.  If you are in the process of selling payments to any type of purchasing company, call us.  

You owe it to yourself to finally get the truth and make sure you receive every dollar you deserve.

You will still be working with the company you are signed up with or choose to sign up with.
You will NOT lose your scheduled upcoming court date.
Your offer will increase or we don't get paid!

If you are not in the middle of a transaction but thinking about selling payments in the future, The Negotiator Guys can help you.

We already know how much you should be getting for your payments.

We utilize all of the same calculation systems the factoring companies use.

The Negotiator Guys do not suggest selling payments, however, if you do have a specific need, we can help you  effectively navigate through the process from start to finish.


Don't get short-changed. We will review your deal for FREE!


Stacey, Alabama

The Negotiator Guys found me 5 days before my court date. They negotiated an extra $28,500.00 with the settlement company I was signed up with. I didn't lose my court date. I didn't switch factoring settlement companies. I will never do another transaction without having them review my deal.

Reggie, Indiana

The factoring settlement company I was working with CONVINCED me I was getting the most money possible for my payments and I believed them, until i was contacted and educated by The Negotiator Guys. I received over $120,000.00 more than the original offer i had, 2 weeks before court. This was life changing!

Brian, Connecticut

After receiving so many phone calls from companies and people trying to interfere with my transaction, I was hesitate to trust TNG but I am sure glad I did! Their only goal was to GET ME MORE MONEY. I was able to stick with the company I was working with, keep my court date, and received an additional $87,500.00 more than my original deal. After years of getting burned, I feel like I won, finally.

Megan, California

This company is exactly what the Factoring Structured Settlement Industry needs. They helped me get double the amount of money I was originally singed up for. It's time for Factoring Settlement Companies to STOP cashing in and taking advantage of people who went through a tragedy to receive their annuity. TNG's have my full support!


How does The Negotiator Guys make money and get paid?

If you are currently signed up with a company, we generally charge a small percentage of ONLY the ADDITIONAL money we negotiate for you. If you are not yet signed with a company, we will work with you on a fair price that we agree on before we begin to negotiate your deal from scratch. You will not pay us until AFTER you are approved and funded by your purchasing company.  If you are denied or decide to not sell payments, no fees are owed to us.  We only get paid if you get paid.  Call us for more details and if you have specific questions. 

If I am signed up with a company and waiting court, will this delay or change anything?

NO! We will negotiate a higher offer for you before your scheduled court date. You stick with the same purchasing company you are currently signed up with. Nothing changes, except the increased amount of money you receive.  If the purchasing company decides to hold back from you, then, you decide what is in your best interest in regard to the amount of money, the time frame, and the urgency.  We have had clients decide to cancel with their current purchasing company, but everyone has different circumstances.  Remember, desperation is something that many of these purchasing companies will feed on.  We will work with you on a strategy to get this done quickly if you do switch companies

How long will it take to re-negotiate my offer?

In many cases, a phone call or 2.  We will discuss our strategy with you and your expectations for time in order to make sure everything gets done, when you need it done.   We have access to the same calculation systems and are very experienced with the margins/rates that all of these purchasing companies use to price your deal.  We know all the tricks but they won’t work if you have us on your side. 

Isn't the Judge supposed to make sure I get the maximum amount of money for my payments?

The general role of the Judge in these cases is to make sure these transactions are in your best interest.  Like Attorneys/IPA's, Judges are there to make sure you understand the terms and financials of the transaction. They do not negotiate a better deal for you in almost all cases. Unfortunately, a large majority of approvals/denials are only based on your character, your needs, and your overall competency- NOT if you are getting a "good deal". This is another reason why sellers get taken advantage of by purchasing companies. Most judges don't know if you are getting short-changed.

I already had an Attorney/IPA review and sign off on my deal, why do I need The Negotiator Guys?

Most Attorney's/IPA's are there to only review the information with you and make sure that you understand what you are doing. They can answer questions regarding legal terms of the contract, although they cannot look at your numbers and know if your deal is actually "fair" unless they have industry knowledge, which almost all do not.  Have your attorney call us or call us together on a conference call.   Do not sign up with an attorney or IPA that is recommended to you by a purchasing/factoring company.  Do your own independent research and only after ensuring you receive the best offer possible. 

Why does my current company tell me not to talk to anyone else during this transaction?

Simple.  They do not want to lose your deal to another purchasing company and also to not have to increase their offer for you before court.   Be careful who you are trusting during this process. 

Why should I call The Negotiator Guys and not just switch company's?

Switching company’s mid transaction rarely works out very well for you, for a few reasons.  Aside from delaying the transfer and having to re-file, having multiple pending cases can be troublesome for you with the courts, your insurance company, your time deadlines, and the actual amount you end up receiving.  Also, all of these companies may have a different sales pitch, but they all work very similar when it comes to the maximum offer you could receive.  In many cases, the second company will only offer you enough extra money in order to sell you on canceling with the first company, but that in no way means that you have “maxed out” your offer to the level it should be.  You are much better off having The Negotiator Guys review your deal, and if you are being short changed, we can negotiate with the original company you signed up with and at least give them the opportunity to increase your offer prior to you switching companies.   Remember, the only way TNG get paid is after you are approved and funded.  So, we want you at court as fast as possible, with the company you are signed up with, whenever possible.